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The District of Columbia, or Washington, or shortly DC is United States’ capital. The city’s population is estimated with 632,323 that give it the 24th most populous city in U.S. But during the work week, the population of the city could be raised to one million because of commuters from Maryland and Virginia suburbs. But Washington Metropolitan Area is ranked the 7th populous area in the country with 5.7 million.

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In 1790, and with the singing of the Residence Act, there was an approval to create a capital district. And under the jurisdiction of the Congress, the capital doesn’t make part of any state. The land on which the district is created was donated by Virginia and Maryland, but the congress returned land to Virginia in 1846. Washington was found in 1791 and named in honor of George Washington.

1861 has witnessed a noticeable growth in the population of the district because of the federal government had expanded a large influx of freed slaves. In 1862, Abraham Lincoln signed an act that ended slavery in the district and about 3100 enslaved persons were freed. And in 1868, the Black American males were given the right to vote in municipal elections.

Walter Washington was the first elected black mayor in the history of the District and was elected in 1975. In September 2011, Washington was also a target of terrorist attacks when an American Flight was hijacked and crashed into The Pentagon.

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